I sat and pondered one quiet day

as people walked and passed my way

going about life there way

is it like a beautiful dream

is that why god created humanity

or is it a experiment

of many days

where we are all part of a beautiful play

while he watches over you and me

judging every thing he sees

deciding fate for you and me

the wonders of his wisdom we all do see

being part of humanity


another song another day

the muse is writing writing away


my world is my canvas for all to see

the world is my picture my poetry


life is my journey and followers my poetry

as they are the people that inspire me


the people I write for singing for me

singing for me each beautiful day

my heart beats a song my poetry becomes a play


a play for all of you and me

you are the actors your words are my play

you are the people making my poetry for me

you are the world my philosophy


you are my stage

and I recite to thee

I thank you

and you are part of me



Silence is the sound of love each day

when two share that moment of play


that moment that is special to you

that moment of dare, passion,

and love too


that moment you ignite the vulcano each day

when the passion flows in a beautiful way

when embers rise and flow through you

and erupt in beautiful fiery tune


the symphony of love

played each day

the musical notes in special way


the harmony of soft feelings too

the beat of heart deep with in you


the moment of climax which ends the day

when you fall asleep after play


when those three words are whispered  to

the magic of love

thats special too

I once was a wanderer

I once was a wanderer

then love settled me


life then changed so suddenly

happiness was part of my day


then love went away


what happened the beauty and dream

of romance that blossomed

and ended suddenly


a love that was perfect a beautiful dream


suddenly seperated and single too

lonely days and nights

soon came my way


life was different

once again


suddenly a door closed on me

then another opened so sweetly


as sun shined once again on me

a golden beam of hidden beauty


a smile like the sunset

smiled brightly

with a glow so heavenly


how life can changed just like a drewam

Another year Another new day

Another year another new day

the old one gone and passed away

brown new memorys are on the way

peace and understanding are needed today

in this world of war famine crisis

lets pray for peace this new years day

lets hope for joy

lets hope and pray

lets smile with joy

lets be happy today

lets give others hope

lets help one another along the way

and make a difference in this world today

on this great new years day

The beauty of life we see each day

Wineing dining drinking tea

ales of froth Iam thirsty

food on a platter served before me

eloquent surroundings

all around me

people socialiseing being merrily

party poppers a ice cream treat

a birthday bash oh so sweet

disco sounds the on coming beat

people  danceing stampng there feet away

lovers kissing a romantic play

others sit at home all day

life in all its beauty on display

beauty of life we see each day

Through distant dawns and mists of time

Through distant dawns and mists  of time

many have wondered many have written

many have rhymed many have sung

many have spoken many have prayed

many have come gone and long long passed away

others have arrived and are now having there say



many great people have come

and passed through life today

leaving there thoughts

there reasons there hopes

there dreams there visions

there philosophys


many have practiced preached and prayed

to open our eyes to make us listen

to make us see to make us think

about life where we are going

what we are doing where we came from

life and yesterday


whats its for why are we here

is this gods dream is it his way

is it his wish for us in life today

we all have to think we all have to do

we all have to have hope

and we all have to pray


take a look at yourselfs

take a look at your life

take a look at everything

life shows you today

is it what you want

its it what you dream

if it isn’t then make a wish

hope and pray

if or lord is listening

he will help us today

to make this world

better in every way

lets make a difference

lets change the world today