My life changing experience and tears like a stream

After months of recovery and sickness and discomfort and pain

my emotions turn to anger depression and tears once again

life throws thoughts and strange feelings my way

as I close a door once again

after anger upset has caused dissaray

my mind thinks of past and happier days

someone who loved me and shed many a tear

whom I loved dearly but cant help me or get near

through my depression emotional shutdown

and tears around me who I have let go

as she cant  fully understand me

since my cancer and all my  surgery

and treatment you see

I am diferent now and not happy

treatment I have changes my life around me

attached to a machine which is my kidney

my tears flow each day like a little stream

as ive upset people who once loved me dearly

through words in anger and emotions deep from with in me

all I want in my life is happiness you see

to love be loved and to return to normality

and be at peace with my self and love humanity