Aworld of strange things I see no more peace and tranquility

A world of strange things I see

no more peace and tranquility

fire and brimstone evil lurking amongst us to

as world hangs precariously

full of hatred violence on display

innocent lifes taken horribly away

people in fear of extremism

run hide flee away

while people lose loved ones

in this awful world I see today

why cant we stop look and care once again to

bring all this to and end

and live peacefully as god meant us to

in this world he gave us all life you and me

to love one another and help each other and live in peace and harmony

along the way not behead take steal and murder people to

enforcing a view point thats evil through and through

god didnt want this I dont to

lifes to short for bring peace today to

Sun is shining but no peace today

Sun is shining on a chilly autumn day

leaves are rustling dieing and slowly wilting away

all the beauty of autumn on display

long gone are long evening of sunlight of a warm summers day

clocks have changed darkness creeps in hallowean is on its way

spooky stories of time gone by as ghostly elements

ghoulish biengs make you scream and cry

as it passes on its way we say good bye to hallowean

with a bang on guy fawkes day

sparkling lights and gun powder the brew

as skys light up with big bangs to

as november is almost hear

another year almost over christmas

is coming in this world of today

where peace is difficult to find

with wars atrocitys and bad news everyday

what would become of life if these islamists have there way

I feel something big is happening behind the scenes

of what we see and read each day

something very evil in this world today

as bible says someone bad will come amongst us one day

and draw all countrys to war with famine and pestilence

fire earthquakes floods storms as horsemen ride again

where evil rules before armgeddon

I feel the anitchrist is with us today

may our lord help us fight and stop this awful game

and bring many more beautiful springs

with peace and tranquility into our lives again

where people love one another and all the wars extremists and evil comes to and end

I am the pompey poet (song ive been writing)

verse one

I am the pompey poet come and sing with me

lets sing at sunset lets sing bye the sea

lets swim through waves and admire its beauty

I am the pompey poet come and sing with me

come and sing with me


lets gaze at the sunset and admire its beauty

dance at the band stand in southsea

I am the pompey poet come and sing with me

come and sing with me

lets dance at sunset lets dance bye the sea

admire its beauty while you kiss me

lets gaze at the sunset in southsea

verse two

lets sing at sunset lets sing bye the sea

iam the pompey poet come and sing with me

lets gaze at the sunset and kiss sweetly

and swim through the waves and  look at its beauty

I am the pompey poet come and join me

well sing at sun set well sing bye the sea

In memory of dear linda who sadly passed away

In memory of dear linda who sadly past away

dialysis will never be the same

with out you warm smiling face

Linda we will always remember you

a lovely old lady so full of life too

never dull moment never dull day

when you came in your brightly coloured shoals

the place lit up to just like your smile each beautiful day

with your jokes and sense of humour

we will all miss your politeness and manners

your conversation to

your were always kind and so caring to

may you carry on shining brightly in heaven

as you did on earth too

as you rest in peace too

heavens will be shining ever so brightly

with a new angel like you

forever in our hearts and in our thoughts too

I may have only known you for short while

as dialysis patient to

will always have happy memories

of talking with you

My thoughts my feelings my life cancer depression and my thanks to all those who have helped me

After many moments over many years

full of heart ache and full of tears

depression and cancer have all been with me

I sometimes wonder what life is showing me

through those darkest moments we often see

I wish the sun would shine on me

I wish it would lift my spirit up and help me

to fulfil my dreams to stand up and sing

to show the world something of me

and bring a smile through words I sing and say

to stand up and be counted in life today

and show that I am back and here to stay

from all that illness that nearly took me away

will never put me through all that again

I sing and smile at you with some beautiful words of tune

to let my vocal chords have there say

in a warm and beautiful way

britains got talent has listend to me

I learnt from that moment auditioning you see

it brought out something special in me

I may not be there yet and there will be many days

of practising along the way

and go for another audition one beautiful day

they told me what they thought slight touch of nerves

affected my singing you see

but they liked my performance and have encouraged me

to go away practise and reapply too a slight touch of nerves is affecting you

a little more confidence is what you need

when they told me to reapply a smile went through me

at last someone in life sees something in me

please god listen to my prayers and help me

as I want to sing live and say thanks all Queen alexander hospital Renal team

who gave me a second chance and removed my cancer infected kidneys

who brought out the figthing spirit from inside me

several months have past since that day

I  was told I had cancer in both my Kidneys

and they have to be removed as matter of urgency

It had grown in both of them silenty over five years

it lay working its evil way inside of me

I had no idea what it was doing to me as symptons werent showing

I thought I was fit and healthy

then along came that dreadful day when I got told that awful news and we must act quickly

went through major surgey four weeks later it was out of me

then recovery I started to fight my way through

thinking of Douglas Bader his spirit in his day too

I to had been in RAF and this inspired the fight within me

I tried to stand it hurt very painfully after having your stomach cut right open

there was a challenge over next couple weeks in front of me

phyisoes turned up and said come on kevin lets try and see

Per Adva Ad Astra the moto of the RAF I spoke and thought back

as I raised my self to my feet you wont beat me

onwards and upwards through this battle

I fought back with vengance with all my energhy

I am back to stay  and going through recovery

now I want to say a special thankyou to all of you

by getting through to live auditions and sing a song one day

and say thankyou to all those wonderful people and friends and family and girlf friend to as she has gone through a lot

off Illness and surgery to we went through it together and supported each other to and Mike whose always been there for me a friend like no other very special indeed.

the sisters and nurses of  g6 g9 wards and Renal team and Havant Renal team Sisters sue Debbie Binne lousie and rest of the team  they are all very special people dedicated to what they do

and have helped and supported me they listen they are sympathetic and so understanding you see

they care enjoy there work and are a fantastic team

as I have dialysis three times a week

they keep me alive and look after me

there all so wonderful smiling each day

Thankyou all for what you ve done for me

your all very very special people

may life treat you sweetly.

The beauty of life we see each day

Wineing dining drinking tea

ales of froth Iam thirsty

food on a platter served before me

eloquent surroundings

all around me

people socialiseing being merrily

party poppers a ice cream treat

a birthday bash oh so sweet

disco sounds the on coming beat

people  danceing stampng there feet away

lovers kissing a romantic play

others sit at home all day

life in all its beauty on display

beauty of life we see each day

Whispering thoughts on a beautiful day

Whispering thoughts on a beautiful day

sunlit walks around a bay

pebbles and sands on display

waves crush and run away

gulls shriek flying through the air

floating with out worry or care

the warmth of the sun

and sea shore breeze

sand castles cream teas

people swiming playing in the sea

then off home for there tea

sunlit walks by the sea

Britains got talent

Oh what a wonderful day

crowds gathered in Guild hall square

and yes I was there

waiting ever so patiently

amongs the thousands who came

to pompey

hoping to be famous with reality tv

up came my number yes little old me

to sing neil diamond oh what a treat

acappelo it was for me two weeks practise

and off we go verse and chorus all in tow

didnt do badly for a second time singing

one audition for me

but the best is yet to come just wait and see

i missed out of a second audition today by the skin of my teeth

but got told to reapply in a short while

as slight touch of nerves had there way

but they were pleased and what a beautiful day

my time will come another fine day

long fellow serenade will once again play

it would be better if neil diamond came out and played

but this for me to perfect another fine day

Life with out love

Life with out love isnt a fun game

emotionally upset single again

when will my life be normal and straight

with out any problems coming my way

no more suffering no more pain

no more heartache with happiness once again

life with out love isnt a fun game

the tears the emotional upset

the past history rises up and causes chaos once again

leaving me lonely depressed

unhappy once again.

life without love isnt fun game

maybe love isnt worth having

if it causes sorrow and pain.

You entered my life and faded away

You entered my life and faded away

those memories are good

and will never go away

of happy times and sunny days

romance and laughter along the way

through cancer and change of lives

in many different ways

we went through it together

a team when we played

we were both tested

we fought it all the way

those mountains were high

we got through them along the way

you entered my life and faded away