Many weeks have passed the day almost here


I feel my spirits have been lifted today

I feel my spirits have been lifted today

much brighter I am feeling about life today


my dreams my thoughts my feelings to

are there are many people far worse than me

sufferring more in pain I see


god has given me hope I feel today

as I support someone else through there day

its not over yet more tears may have to be wiped away


but sun is shining its beautiful day

I feel good news is on the way

as gods light shines so beautifuly today

The window of life is still open to me

The window life is still open to me

even with cancer in both my kidneys


there is hope still I feel and pray

if they operate quick they may save my days


if god is watching over me

I hope ive done enough for him to be kind to me


if not he will have his say

and my judgment will come before judgment day


my hands are tied desisions have been taken away from me

I am  in surgeons hands life with out kidneys


but the window of life is still open to me