Waves galloping across the sea

Waves galloping across the sea

sea frothing up all around me


pebbles running up the beach

trying to escape the sea


waves galloping up to me

charging about so wildly


natures beauty and changing scenery

god s wonderful creativity


carving and shaping life around me

waves galloping across the sea


Windswept England gales lash violenty people suffering in desperate need.

In windswept England we see gales lashing violently

trees coming down no electricity

flood water rushing down the streets

peoples homes destroyed with it



others sadly washed away who had ventured out that day

our hearts go out we sit and pray for there families

grieve each day



as sadness of Christmas and new year ruined once again

how much more distress will there be

as climate changes rapidly



all this water beneath you and me

as ground is saturated and roads look like a sea

this autumn has been  a strange one to see



my heart feels sorry for those who have suffered so desperately

give us dry spell of weather please.

Life is echoing all about me like waves crashing in bye the sea

Life is echoing all about me

like waves crashing in bye the sea

summer seems strange

no normality

temperatures soar then recede

like waves rolling up the beach

then waves come and wash away

sun has gone its rainy day

thunder lightening on display

nature at work different ways

likes waves rolling in weather changes each day

mother natures changing life today