Poetry and rhyme so beautiful each day
creativity of words at play

pen across paper fingers at play
thoughts of the imagination

our minds thinking once again

a object of beauty a dream or play
a desire a thought words at play

rhyming flowing writing away
creating forming a picture or play

the power of word and thought
paper its stage

letters are the characters
acting away


verse one

I am the pomepy poet come and sing with me

lets sing at sunset ,lets sing by the sea .

let dances through the waves at beautiful southsea.


I am the pompey poet come and sing with me

lets sing at sunset sing by the sea.


I am the pompey poet come sing with me

lets dance all night and sing by the sea.

Lets gaze at the sunset and sing bye the sea

I am the pompey poet come join me.

verse two

lets sing at sunset sing by the sea

sing by the castle and sing merrily

lets sing at sunset and sing by the sea

I am the pompey poet you may have heard of me.



not to be copied or used written by kevin newman


Many years had passed until recently I saw you

but then to day the news came through.


A great old friend had suddenly passed away

he lived and worked hard in every way

he brought up his family and loved them all to


he had many great friends who remember him to


his favorite haunt was Raven pub in Southsea

where he would share a few beers with friends and family

where he would laugh and joke and drink merrily


but sadly yesterday evening he did pass away

may god bless you my dear friend in a special way


and with all the sadness of this news of your passing away

our thoughts are with your family as you grieve today


may sun lift the dark clouds which hang over you

and bring back the sunshine and warm memorys too


of Andrew Charlton dear old friend  to me and many others

and proud father to great family we are all thinking of you


may you rest in peace old friend we will always remember you.




I sat and pondered one quiet day

as people walked and passed my way

going about life there way

is it like a beautiful dream

is that why god created humanity

or is it a experiment

of many days

where we are all part of a beautiful play

while he watches over you and me

judging every thing he sees

deciding fate for you and me

the wonders of his wisdom we all do see

being part of humanity


Tired and warn out constantly

somethings wrong

wrong with me


every moment everyday

struggling to do tasks along the way


everything is difficult for me understand and see

why cant I learn things in life

for everyone is so easy


but for me is stressful diffiicult an impossibility


why oh why I ask each day

cant I learn like normal people

each day


is it possible

I am a adult with learning disabilities

is there any hope any hope for me

to be like everyone else whose normal and different from me.


The poetry of life

each beautiful day


the winds whispers

we say our prayers

our lord listens high up there


he casts an eye over you and me

he judges our deeds

on what he doth see


if we have done good

he answers our prayers


if we have done bad

he closes his ears


he listens in morning

he listens at night


just becuase we cant see him

doesnt mean hes not there


high up in the heavens on his mighty chair

on his throne


he sees everything down there

one day he will visit you wait and see


the earth will tremble

when he speaks to thee.


the bible is life

he wrote for you and me


his words his law our life story.