The moment we first kissed I knew our love was true

Each time I see you I smile again

our love so special it will never end

from the moment we kiss I know our love is true

your meant to be with me I am meant to be with you

our love will always grow our passion will too

my dreams of love came true when I first met you



always hold me close and  I will hold you

youre meant for me and I am meant for you

since the first moment we kissed I knew our love was true

our love is forever just me and you

my dream of love and your dream came true

since the moment we first kissed I fell in love with you


to be there forever to share my life with you

the moment we first kissed I knew our love was true

your love for me my love for you

my dream of love our dream came true

the moment we first kissed the moment I met you

the moment we first kissed the moment  I first met you

I knew our love was forever forever with you

Love is reason were all here to day

Love is the reason were all here today

otherwise the world would be a different place


if people never loved there wouldnt be you or me

as love was created for birth and humanity


the beauty and joy of two people very happy

the uniting in love gods creativity


st valentines is the joy of love we see

the beauty of life and love naturally

Valentines eve another day

Sat amongst the rustling leaves in the air

on valentines eve


looking at what worlds showing me

admiring the beauty feeling the breeze

thinking about life thinking about dreams


what is life showing me

as waves crash roll away

nature puts on a beautiful display


nothing will stop them

nothing gets in there way

while winds blow everyday

spring seems far away


valentines eve just another day


Sat among the rustling leaves

Sat among rustling leaves

feeling the wind feeling the breeze

feeling nature all around me

admireing the beautiful scenery


letting the wind take away

all my stresses all my pains


relaxing feeling at ease

amongst leaves in the breeze

wind blowing all around me

leaves rustling in the trees

nature all around me

Runaway Love

claire is a great poet who has in the past inspired me a lot and has not only created such wonderful poetry but also has a great singing voice i wish her very success with her first song and continued success with her poetry . take a view of this wonderful lady from scotlands great work and see if how inspiring this lady really is well done claire from kevin in portsmouth


Clarabelle Music Update

I’ve been working with some wonderful Artists to help me develop my original music and help me to “get it out there”.  Below is a video that has just been created for me, for my original song, “Runaway Love”.  Thank you to Calvin West for creating this for me, you did a great job.  Now you have the lyrics, you can sing along too.  I hope you like it. Much love to you today and always and please feel free share with your friends. Thank you.  Clarabelle

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Now I sit wait and see what God has instore for me

Another birth day passed away

another new year another day

will it be brighter and happier too

as I sit and wait some good or bad news


a doctor has informed me

something is wrong inside me

my life is changing so rapidly

I now have growths which I cant see


what is going on no one would tell me

theyre still not sure more tests to see

whether I have cancer in my kidney


then just to ad to the misery

they found something else inside me

what a year this is turning out too be


I am getting older which is clear too see

but fifty one and all this worry


now i just wait and see

what god has instore for me