I await your smile your beauty your grace

I await your smile your beauty your grace

to hold you close each beautiful

dont keep me waiting dont let me stray

you make me smile my lips want to play

there sweet music with your lips today


kiss me my love so sweetly too

let the music of love play its sweet tune

when our kisses join and I am close to you


make it last make it stay never change never go away

let our lips sing let them play

let the music of love have it say

make it last forever not a day


your kiss i long for and your embrace

Sparkling lights looking bright

Sparkling lights looking bright

oh your eyes are beautiful tonight


glimmering hope the smile on your face

the past sadness no longer in place


a sweet smile runs across your face

happiness has returned to its rightful place


walking slow but gracefully

your beauty i admire you seem at peace


many moments each day

your smile lights up your beautiful face

those moments of peace and solace

when i sit and admire your beautiful presence