Britains got talent and I am not there

This was the week I should have been there

singing my heart loud and clear


unfortunately it crept upon me

and i wasnt prepared in time you see

share my song and let the world here me sing


but alas there will come a day

when the pompey poet will sing again


and maybe the voice or bgt will one day get a visit from me

that will be  a shock I hear you say

how much more of this must our ear drums take

as I sing something I did create.

Dancing through deep memorys of sadness and pain

Dancing through deep memorys of sorrows and pain

floods surround my life again


never ending they seem to flow

getting deeper the older I grow


as troubles and strife battles I know

the heart gets weaker and tiredness shows


the body gets older as sun fails to show


oh bring back the sunny days and let my heart grow

happiness will come and dry out the emotions

and take sadness and strife away


bring back the beauty of sunnier days

and life will smile and be happier again.



Love is but a honour so special indeed

Love is but a honor so special

so special indeed doesnt have a colour or title or creed

meant to cherished forever indeed


too stay once sewn and never too go away

to be there forever and not fade away


love is but an honour here to stay

where two hearts unite and beat away


like a set of drums we here them play

a symphony of love like a beautiful play


like flowers blossoming around us each day

the beauty of love is like a sunny day

when it here its here and its meant to stay

shining brightly blossoming away


through out life we see it each day

couples walking smiling away

tears of joy happy in there day


the honour of love joyful happiness

each day

I once was a seed planted to grow

I was once a seed planted to blossom and grow

put on this stage for gods purpose I know


to write and spread words of pure poetry

to bring a smile to the people around the world who read

and too spread the joy of poetry


the use or words we speak and say

in our life each beautiful day


for this my purpose I write each day

until god decides I have another role too play

Windswept England gales lash violenty people suffering in desperate need.

In windswept England we see gales lashing violently

trees coming down no electricity

flood water rushing down the streets

peoples homes destroyed with it



others sadly washed away who had ventured out that day

our hearts go out we sit and pray for there families

grieve each day



as sadness of Christmas and new year ruined once again

how much more distress will there be

as climate changes rapidly



all this water beneath you and me

as ground is saturated and roads look like a sea

this autumn has been  a strange one to see



my heart feels sorry for those who have suffered so desperately

give us dry spell of weather please.

Happy new year to all of you

Happy new year lets have a happy one again

to all my readers and followers once again


may this new year be good for all of you

and may it be happy keep reading too


lets spread some joy in this world today

make others less fortunate smile again

help someone close to you

remember those starving too


give someone a hug and share there day

listen for a moment they may smile again


give them some hope and you may have some too

as life is special for them and you


remember those less fortunate this new year too


from kevin the pompey poet happy new year to all of you

Wind swept moments of another stormy new years day

Wind swept moments of a new years day

waves crashing rolling away


tears from the sky pouring down too

cleansing the ground all around you


trees bend creak away another new year

another stormy day

as birds shelter and  people hibernate away


as people gaze and wonder what new year

has instore for them today

ignorant of those poor people sufferring starving and freezing and hiding away

as war ravages in there countrys today


take a moment think too and remember them less fortunate than you

when your sitting in pub restestruant and enjoying your self too


go and share a little with a good cause or charity in the coming days

and help those suffering in the world today

a little water a little food a smile all help to brighten other peoples day


make this new year better go and help someone in the coming days

and lets make this world a better place .