Tired and warn out constantly

somethings wrong

wrong with me


every moment everyday

struggling to do tasks along the way


everything is difficult for me understand and see

why cant I learn things in life

for everyone is so easy


but for me is stressful diffiicult an impossibility


why oh why I ask each day

cant I learn like normal people

each day


is it possible

I am a adult with learning disabilities

is there any hope any hope for me

to be like everyone else whose normal and different from me.


When there is love there is honesty there

nothing to hide everything is bare

you trust one another and you both care


you love one another and care too

you dream of future with happiness through and through


through every twist and turn each day

you find time to talk and share the day


give each other the love that you both need

the moments of pleasure and loving so sweet


the moments of passion and fondness too

when you love one another you stay so true


you dont go off with another

you stick with your partner to

the lady you love who also loves you

this is special  both of you are too


The window of life is still open to me

The window life is still open to me

even with cancer in both my kidneys


there is hope still I feel and pray

if they operate quick they may save my days


if god is watching over me

I hope ive done enough for him to be kind to me


if not he will have his say

and my judgment will come before judgment day


my hands are tied desisions have been taken away from me

I am  in surgeons hands life with out kidneys


but the window of life is still open to me


This is my life this isnt a fairy tale

Twice married twice failed

this is my life this isn’t a fairy tale

this is real this is me

I am facing reality


where was that seed

why didn’t  it grow

I will never ever know


what does our lord have for me

will he send me love

will it be


I will wait

wait and see


I ask I pray

for love and happiness to come my way


for someone genuine

 genuine too love me

my heart is waiting its waiting to sing

its waiting for love and for a beautiful dream

its waiting for love and true happiness

to come into my life once again


to make me feel whole and happy again

twice married twice failed

my life isnt a fairy tale

its not a dream


its just me  just me

waiting for love and happiness

once again too come into my life

to come to me to come to me

and make my heart

too make my heart sing

sing so beautifully


where are you my true love

come into my life please find me

open up  your heart

let me in let me let me feel your love

I am waiting

My life my feelings where are you

my life my feelings where are you

when is love really true

where is love I cant find you


is it possible or is it just a dream

its no where to be found

it nowhere to be seen


it just runs and hides from me

is it something that is meant to be

or has it been and gone and forgotten me

and left me on shelve to get dusty


they say there is someone for everybody

the greeks say its other half of our body


well love and happiness is just a complete mystery

for some it seems its meant to be

for others heartache and tradegy


we are left to sit by on shelves of life

getting dusty

like something discarded

not meant to be loved

not meant to be happy


only meant too sit dream

while the world goes on



with valentines romance

and others fufilling there dreams

where has love gone

why does love and happiness desert me


I will just sit and wait getting dusty

the seed has failed to grow

and blossom beautifully

just another failed part

of socioty


maybe I am just meant to

sit and write poetry

and makes others smile

with what they read


when will my heart once again sing

when will valentines for words

become my love my dream


will the past hurts of life go away

and true love and happiness come

the pompey poets way

i sit and dream and dream maybe one day

Will love and happiness ever come my way

Will love and happiness

ever come my way

I wonder I think and think again


am i lost cause in this world I see

to be left on shelve getting old and dusty


did love just forget me and pass me by along the way

and say lost cause there,s no hope let him fade away


or is there,s someone special for me

I think not I have failed in this life I see


just meant to walked over trodden in the ground

like dirt never to be found left on life,s scrap heap

of misery


I rest my case life is my judge juror

and decision maker


what will be will be

there is no hope no hope for me