Sitting silently by the sea

waves rolling coming to me

like horses charging magnificently

there white mains only visible

there hidden beauty

through depths of the deep

they come charging at me

there wondeerous beauty

so magnificently

rising high coming at me

those waves gallop

gallop at me


Love shining bright on a beautiful day

sun shining in month of may

bright beautiful warm rays

on display

cold beer by the sea

oh so heavenly

how wonderful is life

god created for you and me

seagulls swoop and put on a display

cormerants fish out the bay

darting in out of the waves

oh what a beautiful day


among the rivers

among the streams

fish swim endlessly


circling diving seeking there prey

swimming so beautifuly

circling away


darting to and throw


the deep dark fathoms of the sea


into the dark depths of the unknown

others creatures lurk

seeking there prey


a world of darkness

a world so watery

fish swimming beaneath you and me.

Whispering thoughts on a beautiful day

Whispering thoughts on a beautiful day

sunlit walks around a bay

pebbles and sands on display

waves crush and run away

gulls shriek flying through the air

floating with out worry or care

the warmth of the sun

and sea shore breeze

sand castles cream teas

people swiming playing in the sea

then off home for there tea

sunlit walks by the sea

Valentines eve another day

Sat amongst the rustling leaves in the air

on valentines eve


looking at what worlds showing me

admiring the beauty feeling the breeze

thinking about life thinking about dreams


what is life showing me

as waves crash roll away

nature puts on a beautiful display


nothing will stop them

nothing gets in there way

while winds blow everyday

spring seems far away


valentines eve just another day