I gaze at nature flying by

watching the birds flying in the sky

and think of the freedom you get with flight


set up home and roost anywhere

never haveing to pay bus or train fares


get the best views and not have to care

no mortgages or rent to pay high up there


freedom to come and go as you please

wings flapping on the breeze


people watching as you please


up at dawn asleep at dusk

never having to wait for bus

the life of freedom with out any fuss

look at what natures showing us .


Poetry bash

bring some cash

I am not a benevolant fund

for you to lease


this is serious if you please

time for you to be on your way

typing writing words to say


oh no

its not home work once again

if you please


I want to go out

with friends after tea

not sitting writing pretty.



is this joke aimed at me

home work once again

after tea


not on your nelly

you must be blind

but I can see

your just trying to humilate me

by making me write poetry


The poetry of pilates

the yoga way


words stretching

muscles rhyming

breathing in different way


body toning

heart moaning

must we do this once again


lotus sitting

cross legged too

is this position right for you


muscles aches

conditioning you


poetry of pilates

word stretching for you.