writing writing writing away

moments in the dark kissing the night away


a lovers dream a part

a kiss at night before we play


the midnight glow

the moon shining brightly away


a owl hoots its distant call

foxes cunningly search there prey

those at risk scurry away


its dawning on a beautiful day

our kisses must end

we must now go

and leave silenty away.


our midnight romance must end

as its start of a new day


You are but my queen

your majesty


sire is this dance or a play

your majesty my actor

you knight me and i’ll play


sire if you desire this dance

take my hand and lead the way


lets float and dance across the floor

and give the public a display


while servents watch over the crowds

and pour wine all night

whilst we celebrate


the royal gala

the ball

a night to celebrate.


I dream of light

light so clear


vision so bright

I can see beyond earth and life

and the darkness I fear


A light so beautiful so heavenly

a light so bright

that all can see


shining so brightly so brightly

high above me


that it lights the earth on the darkness of day

a light so bright never fading away

shining so bright shining away

a heavenly light

a beautiful day


shining shining shining away

a heavenly light more beautiful than day


Silence  silence around me

peace tranquility

is what I dream


the silence so quite a whisper can be heard

pin dropping

the song of a bird.

sound of breeze all around me


the heart beat of life inside of me

the dawn of the morn

sun rising silenty


the sun glowing as it sets

the darkness I see

the moons shadow

before I sleep


peace peace tranquility

the world so silent so silently