poetry poetry

rhyme away dance with me


paint your words across the floor

tap the keys create some more


feeed me words so sweetly

I’ll draw your words

as poetry


sing me a note

I’ll give you a key

after that its history


history of something beautiful one wood

say as words dance across the page


notes get together and sing

quavers semi quavers start rhyming

humming strumming along the way

this poem is becoming a play

actors rolling rolling away


as notes beat and the instruments play

the notes perform a symphony

of harmonic poetry.


poetry of rhyme dancing with me.



Like a hedge I sprout and grow

giving you shade from people you dont know


growing and growing I sprout away

spreading my seeds along the way


higher and higher I will grow for thee

and give your garden some privacy


I am like a plant you love and you sew the seed

I sprout and grow you fall in love with me



I can be creepy at halloween

writing things scary for you and me


things that whisper and talk out there

the truth comes to haunt you with a scare

ghosts and ghouls everywhere


halloween is long way off I am getting prepared

I’ll walk through a wall

ooh so creepy


I’ll become your poltergiest

and throw something for you to see

but when you say who is it

ooh how scary


I’LL tap you on shoulder your jump out of you skin

whooo whooo I am here you ghostly haunting


ghools and ghosts keep out my way

as I will spook you and your jump back into graves

how many can I scare and frighten away

wait to halloween comes I always have my way


i’ll be here a haunting all of you

he he he he

I’m scary too



Your part of my world each day

                                                          The world that has opened its eyes to me

people from far away read and write and look at my  poetry

lots of them follow me


you follow me on here each day

your always so nice I have to say

so sweet and kind to me

my friends my followers

your great team


a team of people from far away

you listen you comment you write away


but you always come back and  visit me

making me smile and inspire me

my fellow followers my poetry

thank you all I praise thee

wordpress my oyster

the world my poetry


another song another day

the muse is writing writing away


my world is my canvas for all to see

the world is my picture my poetry


life is my journey and followers my poetry

as they are the people that inspire me


the people I write for singing for me

singing for me each beautiful day

my heart beats a song my poetry becomes a play


a play for all of you and me

you are the actors your words are my play

you are the people making my poetry for me

you are the world my philosophy


you are my stage

and I recite to thee

I thank you

and you are part of me



Blind as bat I fly unto thee

your warmth your love to quench the thirst in me


so succulenty I kiss I kiss thee

we share the love we share it sweetly


fluttering your eye lids you tease and tempt me

I listen to your heart beat you being to sing


slowly slowly it hums away

like a  band playing a symphony


a symphony of love a beautiful play

the heart plays its tune

a fine display


your love for me humming beating away



Pray for me and love me too

pray for me as I pray for you

love me forever make my heart beat too


sing for me as i sing for you

dance with me hold me close to you


smile at me as I smile for you

love me tendlerly as I love you too

be my love as I love you


listen to my hear beating as it beats for you

my love my sweetheart

my dream come true