Sprinkle me with fairy dust

and I will light up your day

show me your magic in a special way


let me be your shining star

oh so heavenly seen from a far


sprinkle me with magic

and I will shine on thee

guiding you with a bright beautiful  beam


in the right direction

for you to see

a heavenly light

a beautiful  fairy


give me a wand if you please

and make a wish

a dream come true


abra cad dabra

fly me to the moon

your magical fairy

has visited you


An angel

once appeared before me

in a spectrum of light

a real beauty


these strands of light

very ghostly

at certain time

each night

I would see


and feel the presence there with me

a tingling down the spine

then ruffling of hair

I knew who it was

she once lived there


and was looked after by me

she had a disablitly


then one day

a rat jumped off a wall and charged at me

which wasnt very pleasant

not a nice sight to  see

made a phone call

then bad news got to me


lady had died

just before tea

nature had come and warned me

this expereince happened regularly

until she was buried

by me