The world today

Winds blowing through the trees

birds flying high on the breeze

people rushing everywhere

pace of life to rush and not care

no one takes a breath or a moment to stop and stare

and see whats really going on in life out there

must get home got to cook the tea

soaps are on more important to me

so what is it about life today

that we all have to rush everywhere

and dont stop to think before we speak

and really show someone how much me care

as technology takes over you and me

we live in world of reality

of electronic gadgets controlling everything we think and do

cant sit around and talk

have some texting to do

so whats it all about

life for you and me

wouldnt it be strange

if we had no electricty

and you couldnt use your laptops

computers and tablets each day

we would have to use our brains once again

would the brain be able to cope

would it be able to think

oh dear no mouse button to click

no mobile phones

no reality tv

people wouldnt no what to do with themselves

it would be so interesting to see

it would make me laugh seeing these youngsters

without modern technology

it would be such a shock

for them

what no face book no twitter

no big brother on tv

Thankyou Thankyou

Thankyou thankyou

what more can I say

to all you wonderful people

who read my blogs and my poetry

you are all a inspiriation

with your own words and poetry

that you bring out some of the poems

that I write and you read

I thank you all

thankyou all indeed

keep writing keep reading each day

you inspire me

and theres lots more

lots more on the way

pompey pompey I hear you sing with a mighty roar

Pomepey pompey

I hear you sing with might roar

from the fratton end

they sing out loud

each time pompey play

the mighty blues are there name

some of the most famous names in football

have played under there mighty roar

there in for suprise

when the fratton faithful roar

as pompey has played against the biggest names

and they have left fratton park defeated once again

as pompey chimes have started ringing

with the fratton faithful singing

they new they had a battle instore

when fratton faithful sing and roar

The night is here friends are faraway

The nights is here

my friends are faraway

after another beautiful day

of drinking tiger beer I  do say

crisp cool beer at end of day

once in the system

it quenches your thirst to

a tiger in the tank

with a great roar too

as it purrs nicely inside of you

your furry friend

in a bottle nicely chilled to

to bring back that might roar inside of you