As we remember those today who gave there live s in many ways

As we remember those who gave there lives

for our peace and freedom today

may we remember those in all ares of war in the past

and present going on today

as these people all do there duty in a special way

many people will give there livesand sadly will be taken away

through acts of terrorism and the deadly ebola to

as life is changing in world today

as a evil is spreads with mindless killings to

more innocent live will be remembered to

our past our present and our future to is governed

by those brave people who try each day

to make a diference in world today

whether they are volunteers or in forces to freedom fighters

and soldiers today

as we face a new presence spreading evil in the world today

innocent people line up shot beheaded and very sadly massacered in this awful way

this is very much like adolf hitler in his day

where there was no compassion or feeling to

you either agree with there way or be shot to

these people were getting on with there lives in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Israel,Kenya,Nigeria

Canada ,and many other places to

where this new evil is spreading we must remember all those past present and in the future to

who have gave there lives who are fighting at present and those who wil give there lives in future too

as these people would hve servedin many ways not just in uniform but nurses volunteers and those who are fighting in diferent way trying to protect there towns and countrys across africa and middle east today

as we face a evil worse than the past thats spreading our way

we must all stand up and be brave to like our fathers grandfathers and there fathers were too

and defeat this new evil and keep our freedom and peace and live our lives too

as god would have wanted humanity to do love one another and be kind to.

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