The mighty Vulcan bomber is coming to the end of her flying days 2015 her last public displays

A beautiful piece of british engineering is close to end of her flying days

the mighty Vulcan bomber a beautiful aircraft in her day

seeing her scramble seeing her soar hearing that engine a mighty roar

will come to end of her flying days soon

so get out and see her and make most of it to

this aircraft has seen some life and done some incredible flying in her day

a two thousand mile bombing of the Falkland islands port stanley runway

from being our nuclear deterrent in cold war days

a beautiful sight on our runways

to scrambling on dispersal exercises too

can she move when she wants to

five aircraft up and on there way in under a few minutes in her day

if you want to see and hear her mighty vulcan roar

get to a display next year and see her soar

like bird of prey her magnificent huge wings on display

but when those engines build up for take off a real treat is in store

when mighty vulcan bomber does roar

as she climbs so beautifuly she becomes a sight

that not often in life will  we see

her beauty and master piece of british engineer will be seen

the pride of the Royal Air Force in her day

the russians knew what would be happening if she flew her way

the argentinians had a shock when she came knocking at there door

back in the falklands conflict when her bombs hit the floor

2000 thousands miles across open sea this magnificent piece of engineering

flew endlessly

refueld by a huge fleet of victor tankers along the way

britain woke up the world with what she did that day

who would ever think that this would ever have happened in our days

but when called to do the duty flt martin withers and his crew

showed what the mighty Vulcan bomber could do

using old navigating ways this mighty fine aircarft proved

how ever far you are away

with with the will and planning the RAF will find away

to get there bombs to you

dont under estimate the pride of the RAF the Vulcanbomber crews.