Sun is shining but no peace today

Sun is shining on a chilly autumn day

leaves are rustling dieing and slowly wilting away

all the beauty of autumn on display

long gone are long evening of sunlight of a warm summers day

clocks have changed darkness creeps in hallowean is on its way

spooky stories of time gone by as ghostly elements

ghoulish biengs make you scream and cry

as it passes on its way we say good bye to hallowean

with a bang on guy fawkes day

sparkling lights and gun powder the brew

as skys light up with big bangs to

as november is almost hear

another year almost over christmas

is coming in this world of today

where peace is difficult to find

with wars atrocitys and bad news everyday

what would become of life if these islamists have there way

I feel something big is happening behind the scenes

of what we see and read each day

something very evil in this world today

as bible says someone bad will come amongst us one day

and draw all countrys to war with famine and pestilence

fire earthquakes floods storms as horsemen ride again

where evil rules before armgeddon

I feel the anitchrist is with us today

may our lord help us fight and stop this awful game

and bring many more beautiful springs

with peace and tranquility into our lives again

where people love one another and all the wars extremists and evil comes to and end


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