Love is but a honour so special indeed

Love is but a honor so special

so special indeed doesnt have a colour or title or creed

meant to cherished forever indeed


too stay once sewn and never too go away

to be there forever and not fade away


love is but an honour here to stay

where two hearts unite and beat away


like a set of drums we here them play

a symphony of love like a beautiful play


like flowers blossoming around us each day

the beauty of love is like a sunny day

when it here its here and its meant to stay

shining brightly blossoming away


through out life we see it each day

couples walking smiling away

tears of joy happy in there day


the honour of love joyful happiness

each day

4 thoughts on “Love is but a honour so special indeed

  1. How very beautiful to open up your page and to read all that lovely words evoking warm happy feelings inside me. I am overwhelmed by love and all what it gives . And a seed planted to grow we all are.We need light and sun to fulfill our growing and our dreams will come true., Our Sadness and pain will follow us but we can carry that when our love is bigger than the pain.. Have a beautiful day Kerstin


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