Wind swept moments of another stormy new years day

Wind swept moments of a new years day

waves crashing rolling away


tears from the sky pouring down too

cleansing the ground all around you


trees bend creak away another new year

another stormy day

as birds shelter and  people hibernate away


as people gaze and wonder what new year

has instore for them today

ignorant of those poor people sufferring starving and freezing and hiding away

as war ravages in there countrys today


take a moment think too and remember them less fortunate than you

when your sitting in pub restestruant and enjoying your self too


go and share a little with a good cause or charity in the coming days

and help those suffering in the world today

a little water a little food a smile all help to brighten other peoples day


make this new year better go and help someone in the coming days

and lets make this world a better place .

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